Since 2010, producing events have been a feature of our brand. Initially beginning as a wedding planner, we’ve refined our offerings over the years and thousands of events later! In 2012, one of our wedding clients wanted to part with her DIY event decor and when she offered it up, we said yes and our rental extension, Beautiful Event Rentals, was created. As our clients requested other products, we grew our inventory bit by bit and dove right into renting inventory full-time. Eventually, we phased out of wedding planning and added floral design and styling all the while sharing our event expertise with our community.

Though our services and offerings have evolved over the years, one thing has and always remains the same - providing intentional and exceptional service. For us, you, our client is always top priority. It’s important to us that we elevate your brand’s story through design and thoughtful resources. Whether through hand-picked furniture, fabricated elements, intentional home design, or an e-course we are here to serve you.

our core values

WORK HARD | LIVE WELL - We work hard. Like really, really hard. We are high achievers who do what needs to be done to complete the task at hand. We believe in being “present where your feet are”. When we’re at work, we crush it, we produce big, needle-moving results. When we’re not at work we live well, enjoy ourselves and reconnect with our personal values.

COMMUNITY ORIENTED - We are intentional about inclusion and creating opportunities within both our company and our community. We strive to be an organization filled with people who are more different than alike. We believe that you can’t serve a diverse world if your organization isn’t a microcosm of that diversity.  

BETTER THAN YESTERDAY - We are growth-minded. We believe that our only competition is who we were yesterday. We get excited about connecting and serving with those in our community and creating margin in the lives of our team.

PLAN TO SUCCEED - We are intentional. We focus on results, not to-do’s. We are clear in our expectations. We anticipate. We believe that you can achieve anything if you are focused, hard-working and have a roadmap. 

WE ARE SERVANT LEADERS - We are giving. We believe to whom much is given, much is expected. We believe in showing up for others with our hands, our hearts and our finances. 

WE CHOOSE JOY - Every. Freaking. Day. We choose a positive outlook. We choose to ground ourselves in gratitude and celebrate wins. We want to work in an environment with amazing energy-- the kind you can feel when you walk through the door. 

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