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We are high achievers who do what needs to be done to complete the task at hand. When we’re not at work we live well, enjoy ourselves and reconnect with our personal values. We are growth-minded. We are intentional. We anticipate. We choose to ground ourselves in gratitude and celebrate wins.


Render is a creative firm in Dallas, Texas. We serve our community through our three distinct brands, Render Events, Render Interiors, and Render Educate.

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We take care of our team by paying competitive wages based on position and experience. We also offer perks and surprises just because we value our team.

We work in a bright office with plenty of natural window light and living plants to provide a productive work environment. We are located in the Design District of Dallas.

We offer a generous vacation policy of three weeks paid vacation per year as we want you to be able to live well at home and in life.




We firmly believe there is no “I” in team and take that to heart. Our team believes in each other and lifts each other up.

Working on a team should be fun, at least we think so. We do fun team outings around the city of Dallas to connect as a team. We also give back our time to our community through volunteer work.

We understand it takes devices to perform work here, so we offer to pay for your phone bill in full each month so you can comfortably work on what feels natural to you.

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