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Have you ever wondered if you’re charging what you need to be charging in your rental business?  Today’s show is all about rental fees you should be charging right now! Each of these fees can be value-added experiences for your client and can help you stand out against your competitors. Let us preface this episode […]

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Rental Fees You Should Be Charging

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Hosting Thanksgiving this year? Or maybe your family’s looking to you for the annual Christmas celebration? Planning for the holidays is no easy task. Not to mention it’s approaching sooner than you’d think. But with a few tips and some extraordinary rentals, you’ll be sure to blow your guests (+ that hard to please aunt) […]

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Guide to Hosting a Stress-free Holiday Gathering

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We know many of you have been deeply impacted by COVID-19 and the restrictions on social gatherings and events. It’s difficult to wrap our heads around this sudden change and seemingly new normal. Our team has been discussing how we can best show up for and support our community during this uncertain time. Community is […]

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How to Survive Uncertainty for Small Businesses and Event Companies

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You may have noticed the ever present trend of house plants. A few years back, the Fiddle-Leaf Fig became the “it” plant and people quickly took notice. Nowadays, it seems like everyone is showing off their plant babies via Instagram. We’ve gotta be honest, we are all about it.  This is a trend we can […]

Corporate Events, Style Inspiration

Why are living plants a must for experiential events?

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